Carbon Capture & Storage in Western Indiana

Landowners benefit
Financial opportunities for landowners to create value from an unused part of the geology deep beneath the surface
Safe technology
CCS is one of the safest, cleanest and most efficient ways to prevent CO2 emissions from going into the atmosphere
Good for business
CCS projects like this help manufacturers meet current and future emission rules to remain operational and competitive

Tenaska is considering development of a carbon capture and storage project named Hickory CCS Hub in Warren County.

CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) helps industrial producers meet emissions requirements in a cost-effective and responsible manner by capturing carbon dioxide (CO2), transporting it and storing it deep underground.

We are proposing to develop storage space deep underground to permanently store CO2 from regional businesses. The storage space would be 15,000-25,000 acres of pore space deep underground, with 3-5 above-ground injection wells. A small pipeline network would connect the emitters to the storage space.

Our team is talking with local landowners about potential leasing opportunities and with regional businesses about their carbon reduction challenges.

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Phases of a CCS Project


Acquire land for injection well sites and perform preliminary land studies (2-3 yrs) Tenaska is currently in this phase


Perform engineering and environmental studies, obtain necessary permits, secure emissions customers (1 yr)


Hire contractors, drill injection wells, connect pipeline from storage area to emissions customer (1 yr)


Safely inject CO2 and monitor storage site 24/7 (30+ yrs)

Long-Term Storage

Plug and monitor injection wells for a period of time specified by the EPA